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Denise’s Jewellery is a fresh boutique concept specializing in freshwater cultured pearls and chic contemporary jewellery designs. Once a symbol of wealth and power, pearls are now an essential accessory for the well dressed woman. Denise’s Jewellery has a wide range of unique and spectacular pearl designs to suit every taste. Genuine pearls are an inexpensive luxury that transform the simplest outfit into a classic statement.

Recent developments in pearl farming technology in China have changed the world of jewellery. Freshwater cultured pearls, magically created by the triangle mussel, are of high quality and are affordable. Denise’s Jewellery has selected excellent suppliers in China that produce outstanding, affordable freshwater cultured pearls.

Freshwater pearls have strong, translucent surfaces which, when polished, have a brilliant sheen. Individual pearls in a string will catch the light and shimmer, each in a different way. That’s the natural property of pearls which makes them so desirable to give to someone special, or to personalize your style.

As well as pearls, Denise’s Jewellery offers Chinese designs in other materials such as ceramic and enamelwork set in an attractive metal alloy. These brilliant pieces are designed by skilled craftsmen experienced in the most sophisticated contemporary fashion.